Muesli & Dessert Bowls

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Muesli & Dessert Bowls

Dessert bowls made of real porcelain – from Arzberg, naturally!
What is a meal without the perfect dessert? We would ask: What is a dessert without the perfect dessert bowl? Arzberg provides not just one answer to the problem, but many different ones. Our exquisite dessert bowls are distinguished not just by the unique quality of their fine porcelain, but also by their varied designs. Whether it is for ice cream, tiramisu, stewed fruit or yogurt, an Arzberg dessert bowl is the perfect choice!

A large selection of shapes and patterns
In designing our beautiful collection of dessert bowls, we have been able to call upon more than 100 years' experience of manufacturing fine Arzberg porcelain tableware. During this time, our many different bowl designs have delighted enthusiastic customers worldwide. Thus, it is not only the singular quality of Arzberg tableware which lends true character to our dessert bowls, but also their rich variety of elegant shapes and designs. When purchasing online you can choose our modern, high bowls with geometric patterns, or perhaps our classic, round dessert bowls with a floral pattern. You may also wish to choose from our beautiful range of dessert bowls for children featuring attractive, child-friendly designs. So just browse and let our gorgeous collection inspire you!

Suitable for any dessert
An Arzberg dessert bowl is suitable for all kinds of dessert. So, you can serve your guests those delicious fruit salads as well as ice creams. Warm semolina pudding with apple compote will look just as appealing as a mouth-watering lemon sorbet. And, of course, your family and guests will also relish the glorious taste of apple strudel or chocolate mousse served in our dessert bowls. We believe that enjoying fine recipes to the full depends not just on the food you serve, but also on the way it is presented. Whether as part of your everyday tableware, or for that special occasion, you too can complement your fine desserts with an Arzberg dessert bowl!

Why purchase an Arzberg dessert bowl?

  • high-quality porcelain
  • manufactured in Germany
  • fast delivery
  • choose from a wide range
  • timeless designs from classic to modern
  • easily combined with other tableware in the Arzberg collection

Why not explore our splendid collection of dessert bowls, and order your bowl today in the Arzberg online shop?

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