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Fine porcelain egg cups – from Arzberg, naturally! Start your day with a delicious breakfast egg, which many regard as the perfect breakfast. As you greet the morning, you could be enjoying your tasty soft-boiled egg from an Arzberg egg cup! For really stylish tableware, take advantage of our wide selection of genuine porcelain egg cups – from traditional to modern-elegant – all made in Germany. More than 2,000 years of culinary culture Did you know that archaeologists have unearthed egg cups dating back to before the birth of Christ? So the Romans probably enjoyed their eggs served in special tableware! However, the egg cup's grand renaissance took place in Europe during the 17th century. At that time, it was common in aristocratic circles to enjoy a rich breakfast which included a soft-boiled egg, and luxurious egg cups – often made of silver – were used at court for this purpose. However, as high-quality porcelain became more popular, it began to be used for egg cups as well as for plates and dishes. At Arzberg, we see ourselves as both innovators and followers in the world of fine dining. Our porcelain egg cups can be purchased here online, in a range of traditional patterns as well as fresh, modern designs. From classic to modern You will be delighted by our range of egg cups with a variety of patterns and shapes! Anyone who loves traditional egg cups, for example, will opt for products which include a shell tray. In addition to providing support for your egg, these cups feature a small convenient tray for shell peelings, which also helps protect the tablecloth from liquid egg yolk. And of course, you will be captivated by the beautiful patterns of our shell-tray egg cups, which employ traditional shapes and colours as well as modern designs. However, purists can still purchase our classic egg cups (without trays) online, where typical cups with a foot are available alongside contemporary designs with multifunctional features. Have you ever seen an egg cup which doubles as a napkin holder? Then take a closer look at the ones in our collection! A perfect complement for Arzberg product lines All egg cups are crafted in our design department, and each is carefully matched to a respective collection. So if you already own Arzberg porcelain, our matching egg cups will be the perfect complement. Since we always think long term, you can be confident that your chosen egg cup design will be available for several years. We know that breakages happen, and that you may often require more kitchenware to accommodate several extra people for breakfast. So we are always happy to help with questions about the design or availability of older products. By the way: Arzberg egg cups are a popular gift for birthdays, Mother's Day or Christmas, and a set of egg cups makes a perfect wedding gift! The perfect breakfast How long should an egg be cooked so that the white becomes solid whilst the yolk remains liquid? And what sort of egg should be used to achieve this feat? Should the egg come straight from the fridge, or not? How should extra-large eggs be cooked? From these few questions alone, you can see that a great deal of philosophy surrounds the preparation of the perfect breakfast egg. Unfortunately, we cannot offer definitive answers. But one thing we do know for certain: the perfect breakfast must be served in the perfect egg cup, and of course, this comes from Arzberg! Our experience stretches back through more than 100 years of developing porcelain tableware across the entire design spectrum from traditional design to contemporary chic. Just when you believe you have discovered the secret of the perfect egg, we have a further question to pose: whether to cut or to knock? But this is a question you must answer for yourself. Why buy Arzberg egg cups online? over 100 years experience in high-quality porcelain tableware an ideal accessory for Arzberg plates and cups durable material many different designs easy ordering and fast delivery expert advice by email or telephone round-the-clock shopping Simply select and order online Purchasing an egg cup online is as simple as selecting eggs in the supermarket, and is usually accomplished in less time than it takes your egg to cook! After you select your egg cup in our online shop, place it in your basket and go to the checkout. There, you should enter your preferred method of payment and delivery address, and click on "Buy". After a few days, your egg cup will be delivered to your home. If you are a returning Arzberg customer, you can log in and order even faster, because all your relevant personal data, including your payment method and delivery address, are already stored. As you can see, purchasing egg cups online is easy! Of course, we can answer product enquiries by phone or mail too!
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