Important information: Our Arzberg collections will run under the brands Rosenthal and Thomas from 1st of April 2024!

Setting Trends in both Form and Function


What makes Arzberg so special is its long tradition, its design that is instantly recognized, and its top product quality. The Arzberg brand is the incorporation of style. Timeless design and lasting quality define Arzberg! For more than eighty years famous designers have left their mark on Arzberg’s renowned patterns which have been winning international awards for outstanding design over and over, and are being successfully marketed worldwide. Developing just the right shape for each pattern has always been at the center of Arzberg’s attention. Always keeping an eye on future developments and trends, Arzberg is not just expressing the style of the time but contributing a great deal to its very formation. The interaction of striking shape and practical functionality creates harmonious products you will wish to keep forever – mostly because you will instantly and profoundly feel that they are part of yourself.

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