Important information: Our Arzberg collections will run under the brands Rosenthal and Thomas from 1st of April 2024!

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In Joyn, Arzberg has created a collection that celebrates zeitgeist. With Joyn on the table, it’s all about being together, about connections and closeness, about contemplating natural qualities and authenticity. The aesthetics of the design are therefore essential and bear crucial aspects in mind. A fine, vertical relief gives the porcelain a recognisable structure. The combination of porcelain in White, Mint Green and Grey lends Joyn a light and natural, yet urban and modern look. The structure in the glazing creates an individual character for each item.

a special handmade touch
Joyn Stonewear

The new Joyn Stonewear collection is the embodiment of warmth and naturalness. Calm, earthy colours of soft cream beige, matt brick red and shimmering anthracite grey create a relaxed effect and give the collection a handcrafted and uncomplicated style.

Easily combined with the versatile Joyn porcelain collection, Joyn Stonewear creates with its mix of materials a harmonious and timeless look. Joyn slows down the everyday life and provides space for moments of enjoyment - whether alone, with friends or with the family.

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A Symbol of individuality and coolness


Tric epitomises the ideal combination of style and quality without sacrificing any of the functionality. The collection is the perfect partner for any day – uncomplicated and flexible to use thanks to the practical individual parts.

Glamour up your table
Tric Sunshine & Tric Moonlight

The Tric Sunshine and Tric Moonlight collections bring glamour into everyday life. While the golden version looks noble and warm, the new platinum-titanised Tric Moonlight exudes chic coolness and independence. Created for the daily great performance, the collection conjure up unique accents on the table.

the classic
Form 1382

In 1931 Arzberg launched a set that was to revolutionise the world of porcelain. Form 1382 by Dr Hermann Gretsch: It was the rejection of impractical, ornate sets and a ‘thumbs-up’ to functional, aesthetic everyday porcelain. “We can no longer afford to launch things that the consumer quickly tires of because they are impractical, outdated and obsolete”. The Form 1382 design has not been changed since and, to this day, it has not lost any of its allure. The collection belongs to the classics of modern industrial design and is one of the very few porcelain forms to feature in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

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Form 1382 Blaublüten

The highly acclaimed classic dinnerware gets a lovely and playful touch with the blue blossom décor. Fine cornflower-blue flower tendrils and delicate blue rims, which are cheerfully distributed over the shape, lend Form 1382 accents full of naturalness and bring lightness and freshness to the table.

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