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Espresso cups – for a sophisticated pick-me-up
If you love strong coffee, then you will love espresso. Since the beginning of the 20th century, this small hot drink from Milan has taken the world of coffee-drinking by storm, and is now in greater demand than ever. With an Arzberg espresso cup, you can enjoy your "quick coffee" in style each and every day! Real porcelain espresso cups can be purchased here in our online shop.

From Milan to the world
When the first espressos were served in Milanese bars, this type of hot drink was a speciality not usually listed on drinks menus, so customers had to explicitly ask for it. The name of the drink derives from this peculiarity: the Italian "caffè espresso" means something like "an expressly requested coffee". Today, espresso is a popular coffee drink around the world, either in between meals, or afterwards. In contrast to those early days, café customers no longer have to make a special order to receive their espresso, because it is now a regular item on the drinks menu alongside other speciality coffees, such as latte macchiato or cappuccino. And the stimulating, extra-strong “double-shot” espresso is no longer a rarity. Throughout Southern Europe, the most common type of espresso is prepared from coffee beans, and is not known by its popular German name. In France they order a "petit noir", whilst in Portugal and Spain it is simply "café".

The right crema
The art of a good espresso lies in the consistency of the crema. This is the layer of dark brown foam which is formed during preparation. A nice espresso cup contributes to a good crema, and together with the liquid coffee, makes for a well-rounded taste. The special feature of the crema is that it arises without the addition of milk; and just from the consistency and colour of the foam, espresso connoisseurs can tell how, and with what type of beans, the drink was prepared. To test whether the crema in your espresso cup is perfect, just sprinkle some sugar into the middle. If it immediately drops through, the crema is too thin. The sugar should slowly sink into the espresso; then everything is absolutely perfect. The only thing missing is the perfect cup – and you can find that here in Arzberg's online store!

A good espresso in a good cup depends on many factors
Whether you get to enjoy a good espresso will be determined by several considerations, and there are many myths, philosophies and customs to observe. As with much else in life, a lot depends on personal taste: some prefer espresso as dark and strong as possible, whilst others prefer their espresso to be mild.

In practice, the following five factors will have a significant bearing on the final outcome:

  1. The choice of beans: Here, the freshness of the beans makes a difference, and gentle roasting is important. Of course, the quality of each variety of coffee bean also has a great influence on the final taste.
  2. The amount of powder used: Even if one assumes an average of seven grams of ground coffee per cup, small deviations can produce enormous variance in taste.
  3. The preparation method: Has the espresso been prepared at the correct pressure? Is the water at the perfect temperature? How hard or soft is the water? And finally, what type of espresso machine has been used? These, and many other issues, play an important part in the quality of the drink you will sip from your espresso cup!
  4. The ground quality of the beans: How finely the coffee grinder has ground the beans is crucial. The espresso powder should be coarser than for filter coffee, but not too coarse.
  5. The espresso maker: Anyone who has ever prepared espresso knows that the process involves many small steps. So, for example, you can influence the quality of your espresso by filtering the powder through a sieve, as well as by pre-heating the espresso cups.

As you can see, there is an art to preparing a good espresso, which is influenced by many different factors. Here in the Arzberg shop, everything is much simpler, and one thing we can assure you is choosing Arzberg espresso cups will always be the right decision! You only have to choose which design you like the best.

Arzberg Espresso Cups: a large top-quality selection
While our customers understand the art of espresso preparation, our expertise lies in making the best cups. At Arzberg, we have a long tradition of manufacturing high-quality porcelain tableware which stretches back over a century. Right through our team, from our designers to our manufacturing and shipment staff, many years of experience have shaped the development and production of our espresso cups. As a result, our truly diverse collection of cups offers many different shapes and designs. But our products all have one thing in common: they have been carefully manufactured in Germany, and will give you many years of pleasure! An Arzberg espresso cup combines the Mediterranean lifestyle "Made in Italy" with exquisite quality "Made in Germany".

Our approach to the design of our espresso cups is based on proven patterns which have been in our collections for many years, alongside the new shapes and colours to be found in contemporary porcelain dinnerware. If you already own our 1382 collection of Arzberg porcelain, our new espresso cups will complement it perfectly. When, for example, you serve a menu to your guests on our plates, and offer an espresso at the end of the meal, the patterning of the cups will exactly match the rest of your tableware. Our new product lines are often available without saucers, and are thus ideal for an occasional espresso. Whether for home or office use, these chic, colourful cups are fun!

Easy ordering, fast shipment
Have you already decided on a particular collection and want to order online? Nothing could be easier, because in our Arzberg shop we like to make your shopping as simple as possible. Just search the espresso cup or set you want, put the products into your shopping cart, enter a delivery address and opt for one of our convenient payment methods. In a few days, your espresso cups will arrive at your home, or you can choose to have them delivered to another address within Germany!

Our tip: It is best to sign up as an online shop customer. Then you won't have to re-enter your address and payment details with every purchase.

Enjoy La Dolce Vita with Arzberg – you just have to purchase your espresso cups online!

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