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Milk Jugs

A wide choice of milk jugs – from Arzberg, of course
Something no tea or coffee service is complete without: a milk jug. For decades, this small vessel has been a sign of stylish tableware. It's a good thing you are browsing through the Arzberg online store, because we offer a large selection of quality milk jugs to add refinement to your coffee or tea set.

"A small dash of milk please!"
If you are numbered among the black coffee drinkers, then you don't have to read on. But maybe you are not just foregoing a small dash of milk but also a true cultural experience, because the milk jug simply belongs at the breakfast table, or with a lunchtime coffee. It stands discreetly beside the coffee pot or cup, and waits until someone wishes to refine their hot drink with a little milk. And though a milk jug is an ideal complement for coffee, it's a vital accessory for tea drinkers too. Even Chai, Roibos, Darjeeling and Earl Grey taste delicious with a little dash of milk.

Show off your style with an Arzberg milk jug made from real porcelain. After all, who really wants to see a plastic milk carton on the table?

Why buy an Arzberg milk jug?
Arzberg has been a popular brand of high-quality porcelain for more than 100 years and is suitable for everyday use as well as on special occasions. Our large selection of milk jugs have these special qualities:

  • high-quality craftsmanship
  • excellent quality materials
  • wide range of shapes and designs
  • combine perfectly with the Arzberg Series
  • made in Germany
  • fast delivery time

It's easy to order from us
If you want to order a milk jug online, making your purchase in our Arzberg shop won't take much longer than buying a carton of milk in the supermarket. When you have chosen your product, put it into the shopping cart. Then, go to the checkout and enter your delivery address, and a separate billing address if necessary. Finally, just opt for whichever of our payment methods suits you best. Once you have completed your order, you will receive your Arzberg product in just a few days.

By the way: if you are already registered as an Arzberg shop customer, the order process is even shorter, because you will not be required to enter your payment and address details again.

Tip: It's usually best to buy your milk jug along with your coffee or tea service. You will save a bit, because it's part of a set!

Add a neat touch of class to your tableware or coffee service, and buy your milk jug in our Arzberg online shop! We look forward to welcoming you as a customer, and are, of course, ready to help with information about our products, or answer any queries about your order.

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