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Soup Plates

Arzberg soup plates – diversity on the table
There is hardly a food characterised by a wider variety of choice than soup. Cookbooks are crammed full of countless recipes from all over the world. Whether it's a creamy mushroom soup, a spicy goulash, or a fresh gazpacho – there is room for a soup on every menu – provided of course that one also has a suitable selection of soup plates. Here, you can discover the diverse assortment of soup plates available in our Arzberg online shop!

From classic to modern
You can discover the many different soup plate designs Arzberg can offer, ranging from the 1382 series with its classically timeless and elegant designs on white plates, to our new forms and colour schemes created especially for the modern kitchen. Of course, you can also choose to purchase our soup plates individually, or otherwise buy them cheaper as a set. We have matching items, such as soup pots, available, along with items to complement your soup plates, such as breakfast plates on which your guests can place their soup bread. If you have questions regarding the product range in this category, please feel free to contact us. We are always here to help you!

Turn your soups into Food Fun – soup plates for kids
Children, it is rumoured, do not like eating soup – at least since the times of 'Suppenkaspar'! But have you ever seen our soup bowls for kids? They will ensure your offspring won't have the slightest trouble eating soup, because these practical-sized soup plates are decorated with lovely motifs and designs appropriate for children, and all designed to add fun to mealtimes. Authentic porcelain is not just for adults only, at Arzberg we want you, and your children, to look forward to your next soup dish!

Why Arzberg?
Here are the benefits you gain when you purchase your Arzberg soup plates here online:

  • top quality from Germany
  • huge selection
  • high-quality porcelain
  • perfect complement to your existing Arzberg tableware
  • fast delivery
  • excellent value for money

Easy ordering, fast delivery
Ordering is easy in our Arzberg online store. You simply choose the matching soup plates you want, place them in your shopping cart, and start the checkout process. After you have registered your delivery address and chosen a comfortable payment method, you then confirm your order. And after a few days, your soup plates will be with you – shopping online with Arzberg is that easy!

Tip: You can shorten the ordering process further when you register a customer account with us, because then you won't have to re-enter your customer data with every shop purchase.

We hope you enjoy each and every soup – with Arzberg soup plates, of course!

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