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Teacups for a real tea-drinking experience – from Arzberg, naturally
Do you enjoy your tea most of all from your favourite cup? So how do you drink your tea when you are out visiting? Here in Arzberg online store, you can discover enjoy our varied collection of different teacups, some with saucers, and some without. Perhaps you may soon find a new favourite cup. Who knows?

A whole variety of shapes, colours and patterns
With the design of teacups, there are many different design traditions which could be followed, and our experienced design team have managed to capture many different tea-drinking traditions in the design of our teaware. So, in our range, you will find Asian-style teacups as well as cups in the style of the English tea connoisseurs, whilst the contemporary ambiance of our Tric series brings bright colours and beautiful accents to the table. With our patterns, we strike a balance between traditional designs and stylish modern lines and textures. The Arzberg 1382 series Blue Blossoms design is a real classic example, whereas the simple "Blue Colour" design is reminiscent of Friesian colours.

Our collection of patterns and designs are suitable for different types of tea drinkers, and Arzberg's teacups are suitable for all kinds of tea, whether it be green, black or fruit teas, or the modern Rooibos and Chai varieties.

Quality makes the difference
A stylish drink demands an appropriate drinking vessel, so our teacups are exclusively fashioned from genuine porcelain at our manufacturing sites in Germany. We rely on well over 100 years’ experience of porcelain production, and by focusing on what we do well, we ensure that the quality of our porcelain has remained consistently high over many years. That is why our loyal customers appreciate us the world over, and we will do our very best to keep it that way for the future. Arzberg teacups will guarantee you the best quality, not just for special occasions, but for everyday use too!

Low-price tea service offers
Here in our online store, you must now choose whether or not to buy just a single cup. However, in many cases you may also have the option to purchase an entire tea set from a series, and, depending on the offer, this could save you even more – for example, if a teapot is included with your six teacups. If you have any questions about such offers, you are very welcome to contact our service team for help and further information.

Great gift idea for all tea lovers
Amaze your girlfriend or boyfriend with an Arzberg teacup as a birthday gift! Or give a tea set as a wedding present! For many years our products have been especially popular gifts for tea lovers who appreciate a good-quality tea service just as much as good-quality tea.

Your advantages with Arzberg teacups
Arzberg have been providing high-quality porcelain to their customers for over 100 years. During this long period we have gained a lot of experience in the production of teacups, and the results are plain to see. So here are the advantages you gain with Arzberg:

  • excellent quality materials
  • a broad selection
  • affordable tea sets
  • made in Germany
  • short delivery time
  • combine perfectly with Arzberg Series coffee cups

To order your teacup online
In our Arzberg online store, shopping is now easier than ever, and the hardest thing you have to do is choose your teacups! When you have found the products you want, place them in your virtual shopping basket and start the checkout process. Then, enter your address and choose one of our convenient ways to make your payment. After you have confirmed your order, our shipping team will take care of it and ensure everything is safely packed. And your new teacups will then be with you in a few days!

Are you planning to purchase more products from our online shop? Then we recommend you create a customer account, which will save you re-entering all your customer data with every order!

A whole world of tea in your own home – just purchase your Arzberg porcelain teacups here online!

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