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An Arzberg teapot – a piece of the world at home
The world of tea is a world full of different philosophies, traditions and ceremonies. We drink tea at breakfast to wake up, in the afternoon with a piece of cake, and just for enjoyment in between. With an Arzberg teapot you can complement your enjoyment of tea in a special way, because our high-quality porcelain teapots bring the whole world of tea into your home in style.

Our fascination with tea
This hot beverage is drunk in many different variations and designs around the world. Whether experienced as plain green tea in Asia, ultra-strong sweet black tea in Arab countries, or fruit teas in Europe, tea has fascinated us since time immemorial. To drink it requires no more than a few dried or fresh leaves, flowers or buds, and some boiling water. The drawing of the tea is faster or slower, depending on the variety, and it usually takes just slightly longer to prepare the beverage in a teapot. Thus tea consumption is usually inseparable from peace and relaxation, and maybe it's just this thoughtfulness and serenity which explains our fascination with tea. We incorporate all these aspects in our own teapots, because our design process has looked back to familiar tea-making methods and been inspired by elements of the Asian, English and Arabic traditions. So take the time to consciously experience and draw new strength and peace from the process whenever you are enjoying your tea from an Arzberg Teapot!

Tradition meets modernity
Enjoying tea today, as it has been enjoyed for centuries, requires only water and some tea leaves. These can be either added to the pot as loose tea – in which case a tea-strainer will be required – or suspended in practical tea bags. Our teapots facilitate different tea-making options, and here in the shop you can choose the product which best suits your own personal "tea tradition". Using high-quality porcelain produced in our German factories for more than 100 years, our experienced staff has created modern teapots which have succeeded in bringing traditional tea vessels from Japan, China and India into the modern world. So when you use Arzberg teapots, you can, for example, enjoy the benefits of tea ware easily washed in the dishwasher and yet still enjoy taking your tea in the traditional manner. The design and conception of our teapots, as well as our entire tea-service product lines, depends upon on the work of our well-known and experienced product designers. We find this blending of sophisticated design with our unique quality porcelain to be an absolutely perfect combination. We are convinced we can inspire you with our modern porcelain teapots, so browse in our shop and discover the world of tea culture with Arzberg!

A journey through the world
What tea and coffee have in common is that both drinks are enjoyed and cultivated worldwide. However, tea also offers the chance to experience different tastes, different forms of preparation and a number of different tea ceremonies. While coffee is widely used as a quick pick-me-up, the power of the tea lies in silence and contemplation. With a cup of tea, you are taking part in a global tea culture, and our tea sets enable you to access and get in touch with that world over and over again. Once you fill your teapot with boiling water in your kitchen, you share a moment with tea connoisseurs in Japan, Austria, England, China, India, Egypt and South America. So if you buy a teapot in the Arzberg online shop, it will always feel like a little trip across the world, depending on which product line you choose. Our "Teaworld Tunis" series is a very good example: here we have tea associated with the Indian tradition prepared and served according to the Arabic tradition. In this way tea consumed in daily life can be a totally new experience, whether during breakfast in the company of friends or eating cake during the afternoon!

It's tea time!
Perhaps no country in Europe is more attractive to tea connoisseurs than England. Here, the enjoyment of tea has been celebrated for generations. "A cup of tea", with or without milk, with or without sugar – in the UK, tea connoisseurs argue about such matters to this day, and the choice of an appropriate type of tea is often of similar importance. After all, who could confuse Darjeeling First Flush with Earl Grey, or Assam mixture with a tea from Ceylon? Here at the Arzberg online store, we acknowledge these tea cultures with our teapot designs, offering numerous possibilities for you to enjoy your tea "the English way".

The benefits of an Arzberg teapot:

  • wide range of shapes and patterns
  • enjoy international tea cultures
  • easily expanded with other Arzberg products
  • exceptional quality products
  • optional, high-quality accessories such as a tea cosy
  • high-quality porcelain
  • made in Germany
  • fast delivery times

Why quality is important
A teapot is not a product purchased in haste and the quickly discarded. Rather, an Arzberg teapot is a proven piece of stylish tableware characterised by its timeless elegance and meticulous workmanship. Our porcelain production draws upon manufacturing experience stretching back more than 100 years, and our experienced staff will ensure that every piece is completed with the utmost care before leaving our production sites in Germany. So if you order a teapot online, you will receive the perfect end product of many skilled hands in our manufacturing chain. We hope you will enjoy it!

How to order your teapot from us
We have made our for Arzberg online porcelain store as customer-friendly as possible, because we believe that high-quality products must be presented and sold by high-quality methods. So if you have found your chosen pot in the "Teapots" category, place the product in your shopping cart and start the checkout process. In a few quick steps, you enter your address, choose a convenient method of payment, and confirm your order. In just a few days, your teapot will then be with you! If we can assist you in choosing the right pot, or with questions about individual product lines, we are of course always available by phone or mail.

By the way: When you order your teapot with a set of teacups, the total price is usually cheaper!

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