Important information: Our Arzberg collections will run under the brands Rosenthal and Thomas from 1st of April 2024!

Important information for our customers

The traditional Arzberg brand has been a Rosenthal GmbH brand since 2013. Unlike the Rosenthal and Thomas brands, Arzberg has unfortunately not been able to establish itself sufficiently on the highly competitive international porcelain market. To ensure that Arzberg's collections, which have won multiple awards over the decades, receive the attention they deserve in the future, the collections of the traditional brand will be marketed under the Rosenthal and Thomas brands from 1 April 2024. The high quality and outstanding design of the products will not change. The article structure will also remain the same. The tableware will simply be rebranded with a new base stamp.

These Arzberg collections are now available under the following brand:

Questions and answers on the brand reorganisation

What is happening to the Arzberg brand and what are the reasons for this?

From 2024, Rosenthal will be simplifying its brand structure and focussing on the two strong brands Rosenthal and Thomas. By integrating the Arzberg collections into the Rosenthal and Thomas ranges, Rosenthal wants to give the popular series even more internationality and visibility in future.

Which tableware will be affected and under which brand will they be marketed in future?

The Arzberg collections Cucina and Tric will be part of the Thomas brand, while 1382 and Joyn will be marketed under the Rosenthal label. The collection Form 2000 will no longer be produced in future. It is still available in stores as a discontinued serie while stocks last.

When will the items be discontinued?

Rosenthal started to gradually switch production at the beginning of this year 2024. This means that items with the Arzberg base stamp will gradually no longer be available in stores and will be labelled with the Rosenthal or Thomas base stamp. Even after the changeover, there may be a mix of bottom stamps in the future, as items with Arzberg stamps will still be in circulation and new items with Rosenthal or Thomas bottom stamps will already be on sale. Unfortunately, we cannot rule out these mix-ups.


Where can I buy the collections in future?

The series will be available in the Rosenthal and Thomas online shops in future. The collections will also continue to be available in selected specialist shops.

Will the series remain unchanged?

The high quality and outstanding design of these products, which stand for aesthetics, functionality and durability, will not change. The product structure will also remain the same. The items will simply receive a new base stamp.

How long can I still buy the series?

Rosenthal believes in these beautiful series and they will continue to be produced under the Rosenthal and Thomas brand names and will remain available until further notice.

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