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Our SUMMER SALE is fun and colourful: Get a whopping 20% discount on all colours and decors of our popular TRIC collection! Whether you decide on a favorite colour or a trendy colour mix - do not hesitate too long, because the SALE ends on 31/07/2019!

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Picknick in the sun
We make ourselves comfortable with Joyn outdoors

Off to the countryside with


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What could be better than a picnic with friends in the countryside? Whether a trip to the lake or in your own garden under the apple tree, a little break with all sorts of goodies must not be missed. Perfect for feasting and serving your delicacies: the bowls and plates from Joyn!

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With our sustainable boxes, croissants, cupcakes or fruits are not being squeezed in a backpack. They arrive fresh and in shape at your favorite spot. The boxes are also great for storing food in the refrigerator or for freezing home-cooked meals. Without the lids they are oven-safe and can be used in the microwave.

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So that the sun laughs for you even during a thunderstorm! The unique reflections of our Sunshine Collection bring the sunshine to your table even when the sun is just taking a break. The golden pieces are also a great idea as an extravagant gift for dear friends!

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The Arzberg porcelain brand

The Arzberg brand is synonymous worldwide with good design. Manufactured exclusively in Germany, durable, functional and aesthetically perfect: Arzberg porcelain is the epitome of premium quality porcelain "Made in Germany". A clear commitment of the corporate philosophy that in over 120 years of history has shared the value of the craftsmanship with the best technical knowledge. Step by step, Arzberg offers a wide range of collections in porcelain designed to last unchanged across time, styles and shapes to be lived through a personal experience with the pleasure to enjoy together.

Arzberg is prized the world over as a porcelain design brand which stands for aesthetics, functionality and durability. The special requirement: Being entwined with beauty, commitment to functionality, and relevance to life. With its porcelain collections like Form 1382, Form 2000, Form 2006, Profi, TRIC, Cucina or Daily Arzberg turns eating and drinking into a true experience.

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The Arzberg design

Function and emotion

Reduction instead of decoration: this clear commitment has moulded the Arzberg design brand’s success story since 1931. Yet functional design alone is not enough to win the hearts of increasing numbers of consumers over the decades. So what accounts for our success? It’s because our designs form the bridge between function and emotion: because people love using our porcelain, because people love touching it, and because people love simply having it.

Expectations and Excellence

The task facing our designers is quite clear, yet unbelievably complex: “To translate the democratic notion of practical design into design for life, adding a personal signature.” It’s something only few designers achieve. The best among them are working – and working for us. Their designs are clean and simple, timeless yet always contemporary. Since 1931.

Motivation and Maxim

Hermann Gretsch made his intention clear when he said “Get to the heart of things” and then created the Form 1382. It’s endured as some of the best selling porcelain in the world for 80 years. Gretsch’s maxim was the reason behind the Frankish porcelain manufacturer’s rise to become an international porcelain design brands – and still remains Arzberg’s guiding principle.

Mission and Model

Arzberg places design at the centre. While monitoring future developments and trends, the style of each era is incorporated rather than adapted. The result is timeless lines which all Arzberg designers follow with consistency. And inject with life – as designer Heike Philipp (designer of the Profi, Gourmet and My first Arzberg) puts it: “The interplay between interesting design and function must result in harmonious products which the end user wouldn’t want to be without – not least because they identify themselves through these products.”

Which all means high expectations in terms of usefulness, quality, design, aesthetics and relevance to life. And these are precisely the qualities that turn porcelain into “outstanding” porcelain. And as our numerous awards testify, it’s what Arzberg delivers.

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