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Form 2000 Ramo

Celebrate the blossoming of spring with our favourite new porcelain

Spring has finally come, and as soon as we feel the warmth of the sun on our skin and smell the fresh, flowery spring air, we feel lively and rejuvenated. Some people respond to this feeling by spring-cleaning their cellars and washing their car, but we have some better ideas to celebrate the new season. Why not invite some friends for a delicious meal, set the table with our new Ramo porcelain and enjoy a wonderful day?






Ramo brings the essence of spring to the table. Accents of watercoloured buds, flowers, and green leaves are delicately depicted on the clear and aesthetic Arzberg Form 2000. The square dish and bread plates and espresso saucers in bright celadon are a special feature of "Ramo". "Ramo," the name of our new collection, means "branch" in Italian.





Fitting in well: Form 2000 in innocent white

Ramo becomes even cooler and more elegant when the plain white porcelain of Form 2000 is combined with the "Ramo" sets, with their individual accents, such as the beautiful square plates or sweet snack plates.





In 1954, Heinrich Löffelhardt designed the Form 2000 for Arzberg. Timeless, minimalist and exalted above all modes. This service was renowned in the 50s for its superlative design and was conferred the coveted 'Gold Medal' by the international jury at the X Triennale 1954 in Milan.

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