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Let's celebrate

Let's celebrate

We celebrate life, we celebrate the seasonal romance, and we look forward with childlike anticipation to the most festive of all feasts. This peaceful, magical atmosphere takes hold with the arrival of Advent, and is a special time when we prefer to be together with our family and friends – around the festive table.

All the porcelain you need for the perfect seasonal look is available here in our shop.

This popular TRIC collection of plates and cups features Santa's ever-faithful assistant smiling mischievously. With its warm beige and cream colours decorated in festive gold, Santa´s Reindeer collection has tones which are a perfect match for a Christmas atmosphere – decorative festive greenery, freshly baked home-made cookies and rosy-cheeked apples. These are both beautiful and practical products – charger plates, espresso cups, mugs with handles, and bowls with lids – and are absolutely perfect for the holiday season.

Delicate golden stars are spread across the pure white porcelain of the Arzberg Sternenzauber collection as if sprinkled by a magic wand. Sometimes these heavenly bodies are grouped into glittering clouds, whilst others seem to appear at random close to the edge of the porcelain. And some of the stars have even been blown into the cups.

TRIC has received several awards for its consumer-friendly, multi-functional and wonderfully timeless designs, and this simple, yet festive star decoration achieves that same purpose. It will truly sparkle and light up your dinner table – not just at Christmas, but on any occasion.

The Gourmet collection is an ideal choice for any New Year's Eve party. This Arzberg Gourmet series offers the perfect setting for those tempting serving ideas you want to try out. Such exquisite porcelain really turns every food dish into a creative opportunity. Even with the basic pieces there are lots of specialist features, such as a deep pasta dish or an extra-large gourmet plate with a 32-cm diameter. There are also trapezoid serving bowls and different-sized serving dishes with very practical handles. And thanks to their unusual shape, these plates and dishes lend themselves well to special table arrangements.


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