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Serena - Design by Serena Confalonieri


"I have chosen to employ a white line as a key element of the decorative scheme: a line which appears prominently on the outer edge of the plate, and also runs through the interior tracing sensual geometric shapes which align to form a pattern."
Serena Confalonieri

The pattern of the new Profi Serena collection is developed from a fine white line and references floral motifs characteristic of Art Nouveau. The continuous line is reminiscent of the "Tiffany" patterns so typical of the leaded glasswork of that era, in which a stained glass pattern is formed inside a thin, recessed metal edging. The palette used once again recalls the twenties, and the different tones of each piece encourage creative mixing-and-matching, allowing patterns and monochrome colours to be tastefully combined right across the entire Profi range. Developed under the direction of the new Italian Art Director Paola Longoni, the latest Arzberg-Decor Serena captures and reinterprets stylistic elements of the ‘Profi’ Collection designed by Heike Philipp. Profi Serena is distinguished by its gently curving lines and the distinctive profile of each plate rim -which is always white, even on plates with a colour pattern. This tasteful contrast is a defining element which has contributed much to the success of this collection.


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