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TRIC Amarena



Tric strikes a new note

Finally, we can introduce you to the latest addition to our colourful Tric-family: The new colour Tric Amarena exudes strength, yet is never unyielding. It blends beautifully with other colours such as Tric Discreet Cool, Bright Sun, and Cool Caribic.

A colour as exciting as this does not need much decoration; natural materials such as rough wood combined with simple Arzberg glasses and plain-coloured linen napkins, plus the best vintage cutlery and a few wild flowers are all that is needed to create the essence of modern bohemian style - feminine and romantic, but never cloyingly sweet.






Behind the scenes

Our fabulous photos of the new Tric Amarena collection were photographed in einem Loft in Wedding, Berlin. The distinctive style of the photos bears the signature of the photographers and Food Blogger, Yannic Schon and Susann Probst. The vegetarian blog, KRAUTKOPF has quickly taken off to become one of the most popular food blogs in Germany TODAY. Yannic and Susann know how to eat so simply took photos of tempting dishes of food that we would love to taste immediately. Our porcelain makes the dishes look so beautiful and full of atmosphere that one wants to immediately sit down at the table and tuck in. And, after the shoot, this is exactly what we did - savoured the delicious food, admired the beautiful china, and simply enjoyed our time together.

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