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PROFI 225 Items

The extra-thick porcelain, the soft lines and the 5 mm-wide base of the plates, saucers and bowls define the striking look of the design. A truly unique feature are the two blossom-shaped platters, which can be put to new uses time and time again: as a tray for coffeetime, to hold a variety of dips in their little bowls, or for desserts. Let your imagination run wild! One thing’s sure – they will make a professional impression every time.

The pattern of the new Serena collection references the floral motifs characteristic of Art Nouveau. The design is outlined with a fine white line, recalling "Tiffany" patterns typical of the lead glass processing of this era, in which a pattern of stained glass is formed within a thin, recessed metal edging. The palette used is also reminiscent of the twenties, and the different hues of each piece encourage creative mixing-and-matching, contrasting pattern with monochrome. The colours used are consistent throughout the Profi range. Developed under the direction of Italian Art Director Paola Longoni, the new Arzberg Decor Serena porcelain tableware reinterprets stylistic elements designed by Heike Philipp. Profi Serena is distinguished by its gently curving lines and the distinctive profile of the plate edge that is always white, even if the rest of the plate is coloured, giving this superb new collection its defining characteristic.

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