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Vases add a personal touch to any room. They can be rearranged again and again and may be filled with beautiful, eye-catching flower arrangements. However, even without flowers, the new vases by Arzberg are real jewels. They make a statement both individually or arranged in a group. Dondolo is a whimsical vase that can also be used as a bowl. If you touch it, it will rock but not tip over. Its tapered base gives Dondolo a playful ambience, which is emphasised by the fresh colours. This vase is best suited to short-stemmed flowers. Cylinder is perfect for bouquets. The pastel colours remain discreetly in the background, allowing the flowers to shine.

The highlight of the Task vase is the side opening through which flowers can be inserted, allowing delicate flowers to receive the attention they deserve.

Obi is characterised by a mixture of playfulness, unpretentious charm and a simple decoration. All the vases are available in four different sizes and the interiors of the necks are glazed in the Arzberg pastel colours: Powder, Sky, Linen and Willow.

The high-quality porcelain vases are the first pieces in the Arzberg Gift Collection to have been created in our own Design Studio, through an Italian-German collaboration.

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